Squirrel Pest Control

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Experts in SQUIRRELS, GOPHERS, MOLES - thats all we do. Call Rodent Guys for the best squirrel control in So California.


Ground Squirrel Pest Control by Rodent Guys Pest Control based in La Verne, CA.  We use several techniques for ground squirrels including live traps, lethal traps and various poisons.  After walking your property we come up with the best method to use for your property.  We consider effectiveness, safety and environmental conditions when determining the best methods.

We are licensed and insured for agriculture pest control allowing us to purchase powerful and effective squirrel poisons not even allowed by most pest control companies.  We are experts in ground squirrel pest control.

Ground squirrels will leave big holes like those pictured above.  Ground squirrel holes are always left open like above, unlike a gopher who will plug its hole.

Call Rodent Guys today for ground squirrel pest control today.






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