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Our specialty is MOLES, GOPHERS, SQUIRRELS - it is all we do. Call Rodent Guys today for quality mole control in So Cal.


Mole Pest Control
by Rodent Guys Pest Control.  We perform mole pest control in Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Orange County.  We use poison and trapping methods for our mole pest control program.  We determine the best method after looking at your property and discussing the options.

We can eliminate your burrowing pest quickly with our proven mole pest control methods.  We do mole pest control as a regular part of work week which keeps our skills sharp.  We are licensed and insured and have a lot of experience with mole control.

How do you know if you have a mole?  Moles will leave a trail of broken ground where they are tunneling that can be seen from above.  Notice the raised ridge of dirt in the picture to the left.  This is the most common sign of mole activity.  As the mole tunnels looking for food it is very close to the surface.  As the mole pushes a new tunnel it raises the dirt up making the sign you see in the picture.

If they are leaving mole mounds they will be volcano shaped instead of horse shoe shaped like that of a gopher.  In Southern California gophers are much more popular than moles.  This makes finding a quality mole pest control company difficult because they do not deal with them often like Rodent Guys does.  Be assured, Rodent Guys is a great choice to get your property back in order from gopher, mole or squirrel damage.

A Rodent Guys technician will come out to inspect your property and identify the pest wrecking havoc on your property.  Once the pest is known and the property inspected a game plan to get rid of your mole or get rid of your gopher will be set.  This may include mole traps, mole poison or both.

Please call Rodent Guys for your Mole Pest Control needs.

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