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60-Day Guarantee for Gopher / Mole Service

We specialize in GOPHERS, MOLES, SQUIRRELS - it is all we do.

60-day Guarantee Gopher / Mole Service - Upgradeable to 60 or 90 days

Gopher Pest Control

We provide gopher removal serivce in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Orange County.  We use different techniques for gopher control including commercial strength poison, gas, burrow blasting, gopher trapping and carbon monoxide.  We will go over the different gopher control techniques and determine the best method for your situation.  Our main gopher control technique is trapping and normally coupled with one of our other effective methods.

Rodent Guys is based in So Calif and services So California for pocket gophers, moles, and ground squirrels.  We are local to you, and give you the quality service you are looking for.  We provide gopher service on a one-time or monthly service program.   For non residential areas that allow poison gas to be used, we will use Fumitoxin down the gopher tunnel system.  This is by far the best gopher pest control method but only allowed in certain situations.  Residential properties will not have this option used because of federal laws.

Trapping is a very another effective gopher pest control technique for an experienced gopher trapper such as those from Rodent Guys.  This is our main extermination method in most situations.  We place gopher traps in strategic locations in the gophers tunnel and most gopher will be trapped overnight.  With our proven techniques, we can eliminate your gophers quickly.  We treat for gopher control Los Angeles, gopher control Ventura, gopher control San Bernardino, gopher control Riverside and gopher control Orange counties.

After we initially treat for gophers we usually will have knocked out the entire population over night.  If a gopher is missed, you will see new activity in a day or two which you would then call us out to take care of it.  We offer the 45-day guarantee because usually you have gophers living just outside of your property.  Since we can not see or treat these gophers, they are free to move into your property after we eliminate the gopher we initially went after. The 45-day guarantee means if you get any new activity within this period, you can call us out for no extra charge and we will treat your yard for new activity.

Gopher Control Los Angeles Our service extends from the Long Beach Area up to Claremont to the Santa Clarita / Valencia Area to Calabasas.  The only areas we do not service at this time is Malibu area and the Palmdale / Lancaster Area.

Gopher Control Ventura Our Service for this county is from Ventura and South / East all the way to the Los Angeles County border.

Gopher Control Orange Our service here is for all of Orange county.

Gopher Control San Bernardino Our service here is from the Los Angeles County border to Loma Linda including Devore.

Gopher Control Riverside Our service covers out to Moreno Valley and South to Winchester / Lake Elsinore area.

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