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We take care of Gophers, Moles and Squirrels from your landscape. We use poison or organic methods to get rid of gophers, get rid of moles or get rid of squirrels. Rodent Guys of So CAL is the premier choice for a gopher company. With years of experience specializing in gopher control, mole control and squirrel control, Rodent Guys is a safe choice.

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Gophers leave a horseshoe-shaped mound above ground when building a new tunnel system. This dirt is made by the gopher pushing the debris out of the new excavation. Since the gopher comes to the surface on a 45 deg angle, the dirt in pushed in only a single direction. This causes a flat side where no dirt is pushed and a fan-shaped gopher mound where the dirt is thrown out of the gopher tunnel system.

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Gophers are agricultural pests with most of the damage they cause being landscaping and turf. They gnaw on many varieties of plants, and the mounds they make can be unsightly, damaging to turf, and cause trip hazards on athletic fields and parks. That trip hazard is also important for horse and livestock owners. These types of facilities feel it is crucial to exterminate gophers to protect their expensive animals from breaking a leg.

Gopher Control in Diamond Bar Rodent Guys are experts in both trapping and poison applications. Most customers choose poison as the way to get rid of gophers. However, if you have pets you may consider trapping. Trapping at times is not desired because of the time and extra labor to get rid of gophers which raises the cost. If you have a pet you are concerned might dig into the gopher bait, gopher trapping is a great solution.

Mole Damage in Diamond Bar

Mole body
Mole above ground

Moles damage will be seen in lawns, flowerbeds and even plain dirt areas. The most common damage is raised dirt where the mole tunnels. These tunnels, used to locate food, are shallow and the digging causes the dirt to be pushed up above them. Mole tunnels normally along sidewalks, rocks, trees, driveways and other hardscapes.

Moles can also dig mounds, unlike gophers, these mole mounds are shaped like a volcano. A mole comes out of the ground straight up pushing dirt as he goes. This causes the dirt to fall on all sides of the hole, like lava coming out of a volcano.

Mole Control in Diamond Bar

Mole control by Rodent Guys is normally done with traps. Trapping moles is much more difficult than trapping gophers. We use several types of mole traps to make them work in different types of soil conditions. In some situations, we will also use poisons. We do not rely on poison by its self because we have not found any that work consistently.

Squirrel Damage in Diamond Bar

Ground Squirrel

Diamond Bar | Ground squirrels cause damage to fruit and nut trees, gardens and dig large holes. A homeowner can have limited success with controlling squirrels. However, due to a change in US EPA labeling requirements, poison baits distributed by the County Agricultural Commissioner offices are no longer available for sale to the general public. Remember, squirrel bait can pose a risk to pets and wildlife if used improperly FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY, if you are able to find squirrel poison and wish to use by yourself.

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