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60-Day Guarantee for Gopher / Mole Service

60-day Guarantee Gopher / Mole Service

Gopher Pest Control
by Rodent Guys, the best gopher pest control company in Southern California. We perform gopher pest control in Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Orange County. We have several techniques including commercial strength poison, gas, burrow blasting and trapping. We can discuss the different techniques and determine the best approach for your property.

Rodent Guys is based in Southern California and services Southeran California for gophers, moles, and ground squirrels. We are local to you, and give you the local service you want. We can perform our gopher service on a one-time or monthly service. Our service is normally performed with commercial strength poison pellets placed into the gopher's tunnel system. Gophers will be eliminated in a short time after eating this poison.

For areas that allow poison gas to be used (non residential) we will insert Fumitoxin down the gopher tunnel system. This is the most effective gopher pest control method but only allowed in certain situations.

Trapping is a very effective gopher pest control method for an experienced trapper such as those from Rodent Guys Pest Control. We place traps in strategic places in the gopher tunnels and with our proven techniques we can eliminate your gopher population quickly. We also offer gopher trapper lessons for those who want to learn to go perform their own gopher pest control.

Mole Pest Control by Rodent Guys. We use different techniques to get rid of moles in your lawn or yard. Depending on soil conditions, tunnel locations and pets, we will deploy a trapping and/or poison campaign against your burrowing mole. How to get rid of moles is determined on a case by case basis and customized to your property and situation.

Mole control can take as little as one day and can take several weeks. Rodent Guys preferred method for moles is traps and we use several types of mole traps. Being proficient at several traps makes our methods superior to our competition.

Squirrel Pest Control by Rodent Guys. Ground squirrels can be controlled by several types of squirrel pest control methods. Poison, lethal traps, live traps, shooting and repellents are all methods widely used. We find repellents to be the least effective method of all and not used by Rodent Guys.

Poison is an option for squirrels and is fairly effective for squirrel control. We find poison to more effective for keeping populations from getting out of control. Once you have rid ground squirrels from your property, poison can be used to keep the population from exploding. How to get rid of ground squirrels that are established? Poison can be used and effective but poses more danger to your pets and wildlife. For this reason, our preferred method is live trapping.

Trapping ground squirrels with live traps is our perferred method because it is safe and highly effective. When we live trap squirrels for squirrel control we use traps that trap squirrels in cages that are picked up later the next day. The squirrels can either be euthinized or released somewhere else.

We give the customer two options after setting up the traps. One is Rodent Guys coming back to deal with the trapped squirrels and we charge on a per squirrel basis. The second option is for us to set up traps, and the customer taking care of the trapped squirrels. Option two is basically a trap rental with Rodent Guys doing the set up and instructions on dealing with the squirrels in the trap.

Bug Spraying by Rodent Guys. Rodent Guys will spray your yard for bug control such as ants and spiders. With commercial insecticide the bug control is normally contained overnight. We use safe but effective sprays that kill the insects and leave a residual behind to continue to control insects for several weeks to several months.

Ant control is achieved by spraying bait that ants will share with the nest. Ants being a social insect will spread the poison throughout the colony and kill the entire ant nest.

Call Rodent Guys for your gopher control, mole control and squirrel control needs. You can not find a better pest control company for gopher removal, mole removal or ground squirrel removal.

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